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    About Us

    Get your Christmas lights from Christmas Light Brothers.

    In the heart of Folsom, California, a passion for the holiday spirit has ignited a radiant tradition. We are the Christmas Light Brothers, a dedicated team of artisans and professionals who have made it our mission to transform spaces into enchanting winter wonderlands.

    Our commitment to excellence is woven into every strand of light we hang. We don’t just illuminate spaces; we create experiences that evoke the magic of the season. Each installation is a testament to our craftsmanship, a meticulous dance of bulbs and wires that culminates in a spectacle that warms hearts and brings smiles.

    At Christmas Light Brothers, we understand that every space holds its unique charm. That’s why we offer personalized design solutions, collaborating closely with our clients to bring their visions to life. Whether it’s a classic, timeless display or a modern, vibrant arrangement, we have the expertise and creativity to make it a reality. Call (916) 659-6549!

    this image shows Christmas lights in Folsom, CA
    this image shows Christmas lights service in Folsom, CA
    this image shows holiday lighting in Folsom, CA

    Our History

    In the winter of some lost, magical night in the late 1990s (such a time, such a glorious time), the idea of Christmas Light Brothers was born out of a shared passion for spreading holiday cheer through dazzling displays of festive lights. What started as a small family venture has now blossomed into a dedicated team of professionals, each with a unique love for turning ordinary spaces into enchanting winter wonderlands.

    Over the years, we’ve honed our craft, perfecting the art of lighting design and installation. Our journey has been marked by countless homes and businesses that have been transformed into radiant beacons of holiday spirit. Through hard work, creativity, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, we’ve established ourselves as a trusted name in the community.

    Our Mission

    At Christmas Light Brothers, we are driven by a singular mission: to kindle the spirit of the holiday season through exquisite lighting displays that inspire joy and create lasting memories. With a blend of artistry, craftsmanship, and unwavering dedication, we transform spaces into enchanting wonderlands that captivate hearts and illuminate communities.

    We pledge to deliver unparalleled quality in every installation, ensuring safety, precision, and a touch of magic in every strand of light we hang. Our commitment to personalized design allows us to turn your unique vision into a luminous reality, tailored to the character of each space.

    Beyond the brilliance of our displays, we are devoted to giving back to the communities we serve. Through charitable initiatives and community events, we aim to spread warmth and kindness far beyond the reach of our lights. Our sustainability efforts reflect our commitment to a greener future, incorporating eco-conscious practices into every aspect of our operations.

    this image shows Christmas lights in Folsom, CA
    this image shows Christmas lights in Folsom, CA
    this image shows Christmas light installation in Folsom, CA
    this image shows Christmas lights service in Folsom, CA

    Our Vision

    At Christmas Light Brothers, we envision a world where the holiday season is marked by the warm glow of our meticulously crafted displays. We strive to be the catalyst for moments of wonder, creating a tapestry of illuminated memories that brighten homes and hearts across Sacramento County.

    Our vision is to be at the forefront of holiday lighting innovation, setting new standards for creativity and excellence. We see a future where our installations not only dazzle with their brilliance but also lead the way in sustainable practices, leaving a positive footprint on the environment.

    We aspire to be more than a service provider; we aim to be a cherished tradition, a trusted partner in turning your holiday dreams into radiant reality. Our personalized approach ensures that every display is a unique reflection of your vision, enhancing the character of each space we illuminate.

    Why Choose Us?

    Exquisite Craftsmanship: At Christmas Light Brothers, we don’t just hang lights; we create breathtaking displays that capture the magic of the season. Our team is composed of skilled artisans who pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring every bulb shines brilliantly.

    Personalized Designs: We understand that every space is unique, and so are our clients’ visions. That’s why we offer tailored design solutions, working closely with you to bring your ideas to life. Whether you’re dreaming of a classic, elegant display or a vibrant, contemporary arrangement, we have the expertise to make it happen.

    Efficiency and Safety: Safety is paramount in our operations. Our seasoned professionals are adept at handling installations with precision and care. We use top-quality materials and follow industry best practices to guarantee a safe and reliable lighting setup.

    No worries: You don’t need to add hanging the lights as part of the long list of holiday craziness you’re about to endure. Let us handle that part. You’ll get professional results at a price that would have Santa Claus nodding in approval.

    Maintenance: We do indeed drop by from time to time—at the client’s request—to make sure everything is blinking and twinkling as it should.

    Take-down: After the holiday ends, leaving a long, bleak January road to Valentine’s Day, we’ll stop by and take all the lights down, leaving you to let off steam over a hot cup of cocoa.

    Give us a call at (916) 659-6549!

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    this image shows Christmas light in Folsom, CA
    this image shows Christmas light installation in Folsom, CA

    Why Choose Us

    Christmas Light Brothers provides 5-star service, with no waitlist, 24/7 availability, and the option to schedule ahead.

    Putting up the Christmas lights can be fun and invigorating…if you know what you’re doing, and if you have all the proper tools, and especially if you’re not going too crazy with thousands of lights and hundreds of other decorations.

    When you do want to go crazy, it’s time to call us. Our team has been at this sort of thing for years. Check out this list:

    • We have Christmas light experience
    • We’re insured and licensed
    • It’s safer for you and yours
    • We’re pros at setting up the most complex systems
    • You won’t need to untangle a wiry mess
    • Your neighbors will be so jealous of the results
    • We’re super nice people
    • You won’t need to take the lights down and store them (we handle that)

    So if you’re looking for a hassle-free holiday lighting solution, contact Christmas Light Brothers today. We’ll make it all look easy—because for us, it is.

    5 Star Service

    Available 24/7

    No waitlist

    Schedule Ahead

    Our Future

    As we look ahead, our vision for Christmas Light Brothers is one of continued growth and innovation. We’re committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in holiday lighting design. Anticipate even more spectacular displays, incorporating cutting-edge technology and eco-conscious solutions.

    Furthermore, we’re dedicated to giving back to the community that has supported us throughout our journey. We have exciting plans for charity initiatives and community events, aiming to spread joy and warmth far beyond the reach of our lights.

    Based in Folsom, California, we proudly serve all of Sacramento County. Our roots run deep in this vibrant community, and we’re honored to brighten the holidays for our neighbors year after year.

    Dial (916) 659-6549.